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'A Trip Back in Time' to Military Service

Actors David Lagala and Mark Houle talk about their own military service and their roles as two Marines in 'A Few Good Men' at Stowe Theatre Guild.

Gender Dynamics in A Few Good Men

Playwright Aaron Sorkin put only one female role in this play; yet it speaks volumes for the time in which it was written. Producer Judith Mathison, actor Athena Furioni and director Alex Nicosia talk about the gender dynamics of this famed military drama.

Mamma Mia's Non-Traditional Casting

Anyone who has seen the movie or the staged musical know that the actress who plays Sophie is traditionally a blonde, caucasian woman. What about the dads? We imagine them to be portrayed by three caucasian, cis-gender men. But the question is, why?

Actors Share Family Links to Holocaust

Two performers in 'The Diary of Anne Frank' share links to people who perished in the Holocaust "It could be that everything is late and impossible, even if it is difficult to believe."– Hilde Weihl, great-aunt of Cynthia Seckler, in a letter written Aug. 18, 1941 Cynthia Seckler, who appeared…