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We sell tickets to individual shows, as well as season tickets. You can also get tickets (and access to the front two rows!) as a perk of being a supporter.

Season Tickets

Season tickets are sold from November through the end of the first show of the season. (After all, there's no point in buying season tickets after one of the shows has closed!) Prices are always less expensive than buying four tickets individually — and if you buy before January 1, you'll save even more!

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Individual Tickets

Tickets to individual shows are available from March through the closing night of that show.

Ticket prices: $20 adults / $18 students (with ID) / $14 children (12 and younger).
Discount performance: $15 for all ages (first Thursday performance of each production only).

For a group ticket discount, just select 10 or more adult tickets in a single transaction, and the tickets will be automatically discounted to $15 each!