Season Auditions FAQ

What are season auditions? In this format, actors only have to audition once to be seen for all four productions. Season auditions help actors with common hurdles like how many shows to audition for, and whether to try for bigger roles or accept ensemble parts.

How do season auditions work? Actors perform one monologue either chosen from the options provided by the season directors or one they have prepared themselves. If auditioning for a musical, actors will also be asked to sing. The singing portion may be a short selection of the actor's choice (to show range, voice type, character, etc.) OR one of the provided songs. An accompanist will be provided.

When and where are the auditions? All auditions will be held at the Town Hall Theatre, generally the first weekend of February each year. For callbacks, auditions will be held at both the theatre and STG’s Creative Space in the Lower Village, in coordination with the season directors.

How to sign up for auditions? Go to the Auditions page and click the link for the sign-up sheet to choose a time slot. In-person auditions are preferred, but in the case of a scheduling conflict, video auditions will be accepted until 3:00 p.m. on the Saturday of auditions.