About Stowe Theatre Guild

Stowe Theatre Guild is a 501(c)3, non-profit, volunteer-run community theatre organization. 

Our mission is to produce the highest quality theatre in central Vermont. Performing in the historic Town Hall Theatre in the heart of Stowe, Vermont, we produce four shows — both musicals and straight plays — per season (June-October). We welcome all to audition, to volunteer or to take in a fabulous show!

"The Addams Family" Photo by Adam Silverman Photography

The Board

The current members of the Stowe Theatre Guild Board of Directors are:

President: Tanya Kateri

Tanya Kateri grew up in a theatre family in Small Town, Wisconsin, which means her dad sang bedtime stories and her mom directed family meals like an Oliver! rehearsal. She is a writer / TV producer who relocated to bucolic Vermont in 2019 from NYC, but in her heart of hearts, she pretends she is a Broadway star. (You just wouldn’t know it since she only performs in her car.) She has many years experience in the non-profit entertainment space, as well, and a love for helping people connect through art.

Vice-President: Leslie Anderson

Leslie Anderson has lived in Stowe since 1996, has been involved in STG for many years, and is excited to be involved again to rejuvenate this long-standing organization. There are many things that put a huge smile on her face and a song in her heart, but at the top of the list is "live theater."

Treasurer: Sophie Rayfield

Sophie Rayfield is a lifelong Vermonter who loves being part of a theater production in any way, as long as she's safely out of view backstage! She usually accomplishes this by wrangling everyone and everything as stage manager, but she's also dabbled with light design, sound boards, props, and even some very minimal set painting, despite her horrendous visual arts skills. She currently lives in South Burlington and spends her very limited free time with her cat, who doesn't enjoy theatre but is (almost) always willing to snuggle.

Secretary: Molly Nesselrodt

Molly Nesselrodt was born and raised in rural Northeastern PA, where the magic of live theatre swept her off her feet from a young age. She's sung, danced (well, tried to), and acted her heart out in numerous productions, eventually donning the hat of assistant director for a student show. Now, as a librarian at the Stowe Free Library, she's excited to continue her involvement with community theatre with STG. She's spent five years diving headfirst into the world of nonprofits, advocating for the transformative power of the arts, and can't wait to do more.

Lynn Baumrind

Lynn Baumrind grew up on Long Island, NY, making frequent trips into the city with her mother to see the opera and theater. She was immediately hooked. When she moved to Stowe, it was clear what was missing, and she and her husband - along with a group of fellow theater enthusiasts - got to building a local theatre community here. She's been involved ever since! For her, the joy is immense - seeing the shows, the actors, the audience, and the volunteers all coming together in service of art. Theatre takes people to a new dimension - sometimes it puts a tear in their eye and many others, it puts a smile on their face. She encourages everyone to come to a show or get involved - theatre changes lives.

Herschell Murry

Herschell is a retired electronics engineer with a passion for volunteering. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Waterbury Senior Center and Waterbury Winterfest and was also a founding member of the FORWARD tax-free enabling service group. His commitment to expanding and strengthening community services led him to a lengthy tenure on the Waterbury Recreation Committee, as well as the Camp Smith re-discovery project. And it was his beloved wife who got him involved in community theater in Stowe where he continues to contribute a broad scope of knowledge about community engagement and innovation.

Carol Loysen

We are seeking new board members!  If you are interested, please email president@stowetheatre.com.

Board members help with all aspects of keeping Stowe Theatre Guild running — from deciding which shows we'll produce and choosing directors to awarding scholarships and making sure there are ushers and ticket takers to greet our audiences.

We're especially interested in recruiting new board members with skills in non-profit organization/management, marketing or technical theatre. ... But the biggest qualification is a passion for helping our non-profit theatre!


Bookkeeper: Carrie Youngblood
Ticket Manager: Gail Deuso
House Manager: Cheryl Casey
Tech & Facilities Director: Sophie Rayfield (Interim)


Interested in being a part of STG but not as a board member? You can join a committee and help with one specific area of what Stowe Theatre Guild does to keep our productions and this community going strong!

Board members serve on our standing committees, but non-board volunteers are also welcome and bring valuable insight. If you have any questions or comments, please email info@stowetheatre.com.