As a community theater organization, Stowe Theatre Guild relies equally on volunteers and charitable contributions. In fact, it's hard to say what is the best way to help our organization! It all adds up.

What do you have to offer?

Provide Physical Items

Do you have high-quality vintage clothing you'd like to see find a home on stage? Perhaps some construction tools or lumber? Email us at to find out if we can make use of it.

Note: After a fire destroyed our storage space, we have a new, greater need for costumes, props and set pieces to replace what was destroyed. Unfortunately, the loss of that storage space also means we have less ability to take physical donations because we have no place to store them. Our current greatest need is for a new storage space! 

Give Your Time

Visit our Get Involved page to find out about auditions and volunteer opportunities. We can always use more hands to help out. Here are some of the many areas where our members help: 

Many volunteer opportunities also give you the opportunity to see shows for free!

Financial Support

Passive Support

Don't have much in the way of money and too busy to volunteer? You can still help in small ways!