Stage Manager

Michael Smith

Dr. Gibbs

Matt Bellew

Joe Crowell/Rebecca Gibbs/Farmer McCarty

Adi See

Howie Newsome/Sam Craig

Susan Loynd

Mrs. Gibbs*

Cynthia Seckler

Mrs. Webb

Rachel Natvig

George Gibbs

Ashley Hall

Wally Webb/Si Crowell

Asher Smith

Emily Webb

Rebecca Driscoll

Professor Willard/Constable Warren

Teddy Waszazak

Mr. Webb

Clem Turmel

Simon Stimson

Wes Olds

Mrs. Soames

Marci Robinson

Townsperson/Mrs. Gibbs standby*

Marie A. Schmukal


Federika Velutini-Hoffmann, Andrew Roy

*At Saturday matinees, the role of Mrs. Gibbs is played by Marie A. Schmukal

Note: Understudies never substitute for listed players unless a specific announcement is made at the time of the performance

Presently, Stowe Theatre Guild respectfully requires all patrons, volunteers, cast, and crew to be masked at all times when inside the Stowe Town Hall. 
Cast members are permitted to remove their masks only when onstage for a performance. This policy may be subject to change in accordance with best practices and best available information about COVID-19 in our state. We thank you for your patience, cooperation, and support!


Director Michael Halloran and cast member Ashley Hall (George Gibbs) recently appeared on Theatre Time w/ Doug Bernstein to talk about the production!