A Little Night Music
A Little Night Music


Desiree Armfeldt

Andriana Chobot

Fredrik Egerman

Wes Olds

Henrik Egerman

Katelyn Shaw

Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm

Richard Pritsky

Countess Charlotte Malcolm

Becky Millard

Anne Egerman

Tara Blueter

Madame Armfeldt

Betsy Sherman

Fredrika Armfeldt

Kenna Lund


Catie Smith


Michael Smith

Mr. Lindquist

Jim Coates

Mr. Erlanson


Mrs. Nordstrom

Kayla Tornello

Ms. Anderssen

Jessica Della Pepa

Mrs. Segstrom

Carrie Youngblood




Adella Perrotti

Presently, Stowe Theatre Guild respectfully requires all patrons, volunteers, cast, and crew to be masked at all times when inside the Stowe Town Hall. 
Cast members are permitted to remove their masks only when onstage for a performance. This policy may be subject to change in accordance with best practices and best available information about COVID-19 in our state. We thank you for your patience, cooperation, and support.