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Anne Frank

Cate Stuart

Otto Frank

Adam Silverman

Edith Frank

Cynthia Seckler

Margot Frank

Evie Caserta

Hermann Van Daan

John Dunn

Petronella Van Daan

Alda Sauer-Norcross

Peter Van Daan

Connor McCarty

Alfred Dussell

Adam Isaacs-Falbel

Miep Gies

Julia Kitonis

Mr. Kraler

Richard Pritsky

For this production, Stowe Theatre Guild is partnering with the Vermont Holocaust Memorial, which will present an exhibit downstairs from the theatre in Town Hall. This exhibit will educate its viewers of stories from the Holocaust as well as its relevance to today. It will be available for viewing in the hour before each performance of the show and during intermission.

Production photos by Adam Silverman Photography.