The Pirates of Penzance

Lyricist W.S. Gilbert
Composer Arthur Sullivan

September 25 ~ October 12 2013
Wednesday - Saturday 8:00 P.M.

Producers: Amena Smith & Leslie Anderson

Director: Margaret Garofalo

Music Director: Ashley O’Brien

Stage Manager: Linda Blanchard

Costume Designer: Sharon Walsh

Frederic, a lad of 21, has recently completed his apprenticeship with a band of infamous pirates. The Pirates of Penzance are a formidable foe indeed – unless, of course, you are an orphan. Having been at sea since he was 8 years old, Frederic has much to learn about the world, including navigating the wiles of young ladies, leading a bank of scaredy-cat cops, and trying to preserve his sense of duty while coping with a crew of over-literal pirates, a clever Major General, and a nurse who is a bit hard of hearing. How will it all turn out? Well…come and see!!


  • Frederic ~ James Blanchard
  • Mabel ~ Taryn Noelle
  • Pirate King ~ Patrick Clow
  • Major General Stanley ~ George Walker
  • Ruth ~ Sebastian Ryder
  • Samuel ~ Sam Lewis
  • Sargeant of Police ~ Matt Pierce
  • Edith ~ Juliet Walsh
  • Kate ~ Kristin Silverman
  • Isabel ~ Gabrielle Mailloux
  • Sarah Venooker
  • Paul Carlile
  • Charlie Cerutti
  • Cole Marino
  • Tom Hunt