On The Town

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Book and Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
Based on an idea by Jerome Robbins

Wednesdays - Saturdays ****** July 16 - August 2
8:00 pm

Directed by Steve Magowan

Music Direction by Carol Spradling

Choreography by Karen Amirault

Sponsored by Concept 2

Celebrating its 70th anniversary as a classic of American musical theater, “On the Town” is the great collaboration of the composer, Leonard Bernstein, the choreographer, Jerome Robbins, and the writers, Betty Comden and Adolph Green. The story of three sailors on leave in “New York, New York” who have 24 hours to sing and dance through the city while trying to find love will indelibly remind you that “The Bronx is up, but the Battery’s down” while reinforcing that the simple pleasures of life were what made wartime bearable.

The Cast

Ivy Vanessa Cousins
Claire Victoria Drew
Hildy Justine Magowan
Gabey Billy O’Brien
Ozzie Owen Brady
Chip Sam Lewis
Worker 1 / Pitkin Jim Coates
Madame Dilly Kristina McSalis
Flossie/Ensemble Kaity McSalis
Flossie’s friend / Ensemble Kristina Cyr
Lucy Schmeeler / Ensemble Andriana Chobot
Figment / Ensemble Beth Esmond
Feisty Lady Emily Magowan
Rajah Bimmy / Bar MC Stephen Magowan
Worker 2 / Policeman Beth Esmond