Updates regarding our 2020 Season

After careful consideration of the available facts, along with conversations with our 2020 season casts and crews, the Stowe Theatre Guild Board has concluded that health is paramount--not only the physical health of everyone, but the mental and emotional health of our community.

We are all going through a stressful and scary time, and there is nothing like hope and laughter to push through the darkness.

Which is why we are going to carefully adjust our plans, shifting three of this season’s shows to 2021, while moving forward with plans to prepare and present Much Ado About Nothing in a new time slot, August 12-29.

We believe that it is crucial to remain optimistic in the face of the current pandemic and, as Robin Williams said, “Comedy is acting out optimism.” So we will be acting out that optimism and sharing a comedy with our community.

If things should change, if gathering together in our theater is not an option, then we will find another way to bring the optimism of comedy, the beauty of connection through shared experiences, and the outlet of theatre to our community in another way.

Please know that we are, as always, a part of the Stowe community and want to do our part to help us all make it through these troubling times.

As further information becomes available, we will post updates on this page; please also feel free to connect with us, as always, via Facebook or Instagram.

Comedy is acting out optimism